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Antonio V’s Artistic Statement

"My goal is to promote cross-cultural awareness and ethnic understanding through a variety of media formats, using as perspective rendering tools, journalistic, didactical-documentary and surrealistic minimalism. I seek truth-telling while exploring concepts of 'the Beautiful', fantasy, group and self-identities in an attempt to debunk cultural myths perpetuated by social systems, religious dogmas, competitive sports, political symbolism and taboos."

Posing Antonio

Educational Background

  • PhD ABD—University of Pittsburgh; University of Edinburg, Media Studies
  • Masters of Communication Sciences, Illinois State Univ.
  • Bachelors of Science—Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Associates—San Bernardino Valley College

Television & Media Awards

  • "Best Informative Series"—Cultures in Focus, Producer/Host Northern Illinois Cable Association Award 1991
  • "Best Overall Production"—Cultures in Focus, Producer/Host NACA Award 1992
  • "Best Edited Production"—Cultures in Focus, Producer/Host NACA Award 1993
  • "Best of Lake County"—Cultures in Focus, Producer/Host NACA Award 1993
  • Kellog Foundation Communications Fellowship (1979)
  • Media Studies Fellowship—University of Edinburgh (1985)

Works on Paper

  • Picture Award for: "In Your Face" Today's Photographer Magazine, 1998
  • Picture Award for: "Against the Odds" Today's Photographer Magazine, 1998
  • Picture Award for: "Shadow Guardian" Today's Photographer Magazine, 1998
  • Picture Awards for: "Posturization" Today's Photographer Magazine, 1998

Published Works

  • Editor/Photographer of Culture Scope Quarterly (1989–1994)
  • Cover Photo/Entertainment Weekly, "Masked Balanese Dancer"
  • Kane County Chronicle (1989)
  • The Spire Collegiate Visual Arts Magazine (1996–2001)
  • Elgin Community College
  • Today's Photographer Magazine, Tips on Shooting Celebrities (June 1999)
  • Black and White Magazine, "The Masks We Wear" (Issue No. 18, April 2002)
  • Dos Espadas, Un Corazon, Literature book with original
  • Black and White Photographs, First Publish Press (2002)

New Art International (2002–2003), Book Art Press, New York:
"You R What U Read"; "Poise After Rodin"; "American Gothic No.5"; "Mind Control" 

Direct Art Magazine (2003) Volume 8, Slow Art Productions, New York:
"Touched by the Sun"; "My Demons Are My Own"

No Need to Fight
Central Park

Songs for Confucius Power in the Sky Two Swords, One Heart Cultural Fusions: Passions and Creativity Converging Making Cultural Adjustments: Dialogue to Harmony


  • Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Black Creativity 2004—"Cuba: Secret Love;" "Cuba- Freedom For Elian!"; "Cuba: Beasts in the Streets" Chicago, Illinois 204
  • Lebensart Gallery, Berlin, Germany,  June 2003, Solo Show—Mixed Motives
  • Y.Ripplinger Art Salon, La Couture Boussey, France, July 2003, Solo Show
  • Encuentro Internacional Fotografia de Prensa Group Show : "Cuba Sliced in Black and White"; and "What Masks We Wear" Havana, Cuba (Spring 2003)
  • La Galaria de Arte, Group Show—Digital Works, Antigua, Guatemala (Fall 1999)
  • Elgin Community College Permanent Cultural Collection in the SRC Atrium—"Cuba Sliced in Black and White: "Sloganizations" No.1 and 2; "Beasts on the Streets"; "Ürban Renewal" Elgin, Illinois
  • Juried Group Show: "Points in the Paint", "Ying/Yang #3", and "Wave Watcher's Dream" The Campbell House, Geneva, Illinois (1997)
  • Juried Group Show: "Parallel Rhythms" Bloomingdale District Museum (1997) Bloomingdale, Illinois
  • Juried Group Show: "Camera Art '96" and "Catch the fire!" The Norris Gallery, St. Charles, Illinois (1996)
  • Student Exhibition of Kodalith Works Elgin Community College, VPA (Summer 1995) Elgin, Illinois

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